Castle Builder II Slot Game Review

The brand new Castle Builder II Slot game is a sequel to the original exciting interactive slot game. And this one offers many more special features and personal choices for the player. It has five reels and fifteen paylines. Players are invited to choose one of the three Avatars as they begin their time in this game. Get the full Casino La Vida Review here…

Castle Builder 15 Kingdoms and 75 Castles

The Castle Builder II game has 15 kingdoms to explore and over 300 characters in addition to the choice of one of the three avatars. Players choosing avatar 2 can benefit from free spins when three or more of the scatter symbols appear on the screen. The player can win 10, 15 or 20 free spins depending on the number of triggering scatters.

Choice of Avatars

By choosing avatar 3 the player needs a full game cycle to unlock the avatar and then benefits from wild reels that substitute for all reels. There are no free spins or scatters when using avatar number 2.

Build a Castle for a Royal Wedding

This slots game offers the player so many options including the chance to complete a castle for a royal wedding and choose a bride or groom with between two and five admirers. The different admirers award different amounts of money to the player.

Bigger and Better Castle Builder Slot Game

The Cup Challenge

Completing a kingdom in the free building mode enables the player to build castles in the kingdom. There are a total of 75 castles that can be built. There is a cup challenge with four different levels to choose from and the harder the level the higher the cash prize. Trophies are individual per avatar with some cross over and there are also kingdom medals to aim for.

New Game New Options

Players who are familiar with the original Castle Builder slot game will immediately catch on to the new options offered in the game and those that are new to this interactive slots game get the chance to try it out for fun before they commit to a real money game. There is a lot to take in with this exciting new slots game but as players will soon learn it is all about building the kingdoms and then being able to travel from kingdom to kingdom, visit castles and earn more winnings and increase the total pleasure that this game will surely give to all that play it.

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