The most famous dogs on Instagram

Most of us have seen cat pictures that abound on the web today. Everyone appears to love their cats. But these cat people might just be in for a surprise if they were to realize just how many people love their dogs – and how many Instagram Dogs are sweeping the internet these days. There are pooches that have thousands upon thousands of followers on Instagram, on Facebook and everywhere in between. And for good reason. These are some adorable and personable pooches, similar to the ones you’ll find at Casino La Vida with the Hound Hotel slot game. Let’s learn a bit about these dogs.

Adorable Instagram Dogs

Who are these Instagram Dogs that are sweeping the internet? Chloe, the Mini Frenchie, gets her picture taken as she is sunning at the beach, eating oysters and more. She’s a high society dog and people love coming along to check out her antics. Then there is the trio of Toast, Muppet and Pants, two of whom are King Charles Spaniels. The trio is adorable and the best of friends. Everyone loves a pug, and Doug is a pug looking for adventure. Another dog on Instagram that people just love is Marni. She’s a little old dog who seems to have a few problems, and her tongue sticks out all the time. She has two million Instagram followers! Obviously, that tongue is working wonders for her.

lobster roll ✔️ robe ✔️ netflix ✔️ #bringit #MDW

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“The love I feel for my waiter when they bring my food is unreal” -Doug

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Going 4 a walk yippee

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we have loved seeing all the previews for @adogspurposemovie and were looking forward to its release, but we are angry and heartbroken at the video and news that has come out on the treatment of a dog on set. i have only “acted” on a professional production set once (if you count smiling in a carseat for a few minutes and then smiling on a grassy lawn for a few more minutes as acting), and human was truly amazed at how much care went into ensuring my comfort and well being for such a short, and silly scene … provisions such as giving me a private trailer where i could rest, not being required to be on set until moments before filming began, regularly being asked if we needed anything, and people constantly checking in with human to get her opinion on how i was doing … so we cannot imagine anyone thinking that throwing a distressed dog in a pool of water was ok for the sake of getting a scene completed. dogs are not props! we are living, loving creatures who depend on humans to watch out for us. we will wait for the results of the investigations taking place on this incident and can only hope this doesn’t happen again.

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Happy humpday ! Be someone’s hero! 😘

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Who says that only cats have a good life? With the Instagram dogs and the Hound Hotel slot game, you’ll see just what a great life these dogs have. And you might find even more dogs that you want to follow, and dog games that you want to enjoy.