Gnome Wood: The New Slot at Casino La Vida

Gnome Wood is the new slot game here at Casino La Vida.  The story in Gnome Wood slot takes place in a forest so it perfectly complements our dense game forest of slots. In keeping with the thick growth in the rain forest, Gnome Wood packs 25 paylines on five reels.  In the background, you’ll see a panorama of the forest.

Whilst we would never like to get lost in a dense rain forest, this forest is inhabited by friendly creatures that will help you in any way they can.  You can hear the forest creatures scurrying about in the underbrush.  They are looking for their daily bread as it were and they also call upon the wild symbol whenever you need it to score a win.

The creatures of the dark forest will gladly give up their “place” on the screens so the wild can help you win!  The scatter however is restricted by “the law of the forest” from letting the wild take its place.

The wild symbol roams about the forest looking for players to help achieve nice wins.


Actually, the wandering wild has a twin, the double wandering wild!  The double wandering wild doubles all wins created by the wild symbol.

Whenever you get a wild symbol, you get a free spin.  The wandering wild moves to the next reel to the left and your free spins continue until the wandering wild leaves the screen.  But have no fear!  It doesn’t leave the game; it merely takes a momentary break from wandering in the shade of the tall forest trees.  Once you set the reels to spinning, the wandering wild will be back to work looking for ways to help you win.


The scatter symbol has a large satchel full of free spins.  Every time three scatters gather for a forest “convention” you get 10 free spins.  If three or more scatters appear whilst your free spins are spinning, you’ll retrigger the bonus.  And if a wild appears during the free spins, it will trigger the free spin action as in the regular game!

Gnome Wood slot also has a gamble feature.  Whenever you score a win you will be offered the chance to gamble on doubling or quadrupling your win.  Gnome Wood, the new slot game at Casino La Vida, is sure to entertain you in every possible way.