Hot Frights, A Hot Hunt, and Hot Wheels: New in October

We at Casino La Vida are happy to announce not one, not two, but three big new slots for October!

Chills Up and Down Your Spine – Halloween® Online Slot

Halloween online slot game

In October we expect something scary.  We begin with Halloween.  Do you feel the wind in the trees?  Are you getting just a little bit scared?  You should be because the haunting fear of Halloween murders is coming!

Halloween slot has 50 winning lines.  You’ll have to avoid the guns and knives.  If you need help, the telephone will come in handy.  It’s autumn so falling leaves set an eerie tone, the background music will have you quaking, and the animation and graphics will keep you in never-ending suspense.

When you reach the bonus round, you’re guaranteed wins on every spin.  You can land on a multiplier, from 1x to 10x, or you can land on one of the characters.  This may lead to a truly massive win with multipliers in the 100’s.

Halloween online slot game

This month and every month, you should carry Halloween with you on your mobile device.  Any time is a good time for a little fright!

Denizen of the Deep – Moby Dick Online Slot

We move from the big fright to the big fish, Moby Dick!  The slot opens with a stunning animation of the deep ocean where Moby Dick lives and lurks.  You and Captain Ahab will need some grog to carry you through the hunt.

Moby Dick online slot game

The Freezing Feature carries free spins so put on an extra layer and enjoy the big win possibilities despite the cold and the deep.  The free spins come with a 4x multiplier.  You’ll earn up to 20 free spins for your endurance and intestinal fortitude.

In the free spins round the wilds are stacked on the third reel.  Winning icons are nailed in place so you can use them again in even higher scoring wins!

Moby Dick gives you 5 gamble opportunities.  This is a seafaring gamble so you have to choose the correct cup of grog.  Get lucky and your win will be as big as the whale itself!

Moby Dick online slot game

After the chilling fright of Halloween and the chilling sea adventure in pursuit of Moby Dick, you’ll want to come back to Earth with something quiet and serene.

Not this month!

Varoom! Monster Wheels Online Slot

Our third featured new slot is Monster Wheels with tires as big as Halloween is scary and as big as Moby Dick is, well, big!

This great new slot has five unbalanced reels; in the regular game, the configuration is 2-4-2-4-2.  On this unusual pattern, Monster Wheels packs 128 or 288 ways to win!  You can switch ways at any time.

Monster Wheels online slot

The petrol can serve as the scatter setting the game “on fire” for your free spins.  In the bonus round, the configuration changes to 4-3-2-3-4.  In this arrangement, you’ll play for big wins, super big wins, and mega big wins!   You must choose between more free spins or a higher multiplier: rev up your engine for three spins and you’ll get an 8x multiplier; six spins give you a 4x multiplier, and 12 free spins keep your engine humming with a 2x multiplier.

Any scatter during your free spins adds another spin!

Monster Wheels Online Slot

This October sink your teeth into three great new slots—Halloween, Moby Dick, and Monster Wheels.