Inside the World’s Most Expensive Resort

Recently, a friend of mine was taken away by her boyfriend to one of the world’s most expensive resorts. As I listened to her talk about the experience, I honestly couldn’t even imagine the things she was saying. I mean really, which of us has had the opportunity to enjoy the lap of luxury in such a stunning way? She said that the resort was like nothing she had ever seen before. They had a butler at their disposal, they have a chef who made the most incredible foods for them. The suite came with a Jacuzzi, artwork on the walls, luxurious carpeting, a gorgeous view of the sea, two balconies and more.

Inside the luxurious Calvigny-Island

Labelled as one of the most expensive island getaways let’s take a look at what this $50,000 a night island has to offer. The island is 80 acres of lush tropical forest with 6 private beaches, two main residences and three custom cottages (50 guests).




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After hearing about my friend’s experience, I’m letting my dreams go wild with the chances to enjoy progressive slot games at Casino La Vida. Someone has to win – so why can’t it be me, right?