The worlds most loved candy bars

There is a saying that love makes the world go ‘round, and I’m sure that’s true. But let’s be honest – candy really makes the world go ‘round, right? Without candy, most of us would not know what to do with that sweet tooth and we would miss out on so much goodness in the world. Certainly, saying which candies are the most popular is subjective, but it’s interesting to see which candies sell the best around the world. In a recent list, they show that Snickers is the number one selling candy around the world with $3.6 billion in sales in one year alone. Wow! Other candies that sell well are Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups with $2.7 billion a year and Galaxy/Dove for $2.6 billion a year. Milka comes in at number four, and everyone loves a good Cadbury Dairy Milk and that hits at $2.5 billion.

#1 Snickers – The world’s best Candy Bar ($3.6 Billion sales per year)


#2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ($2.7 Billion sales per year)


#3 Galaxy Bar ($2.6 Billion sales per year)


#4 Milka 


#5 Cadbury Dairy Milk ($2.5  Billion sales) – My personal favourite 🙂


Candy Casino Games

Of course, while I love a good candy, I don’t want to lose all my teeth. So sometimes instead of indulging in that sweet tooth, I enjoy indulging in Casino La Vida games that soothe my sweet desire. And boy are these games sweet! There are a number of candy-themed games at Casino La Vida (they get that we all love candy) and these games hit the sweet spot in an awesome way.

Casino Games for the Sweet Tooth

One choice is So Much Candy. This is a sweet-tooth themed game that includes 25 paylines with a wild card and a scatter. It’s bursting with colours with the gumball machine symbol and the candy theme and it’s one that I always love to play. Another great Casino La Vida candy game is Fruit vs Candy. Now, this is a five reel and 243 Ways to Win game from Microgaming that combines a fruit and candy theme. There is a great deal to love here from the two mode choices, the two randomly triggered bonus features, the Free Spins feature and so much more.


Candy Dream online slot fun

And then there is the upcoming new game, the Candy Dream online slot extravaganza. For us candy lovers out there, this is a dream with 720 ways to win, free spins and eye-popping candies flying across the screen. It just might be colourful and fun enough to keep me from my real candy indulgences. Maybe.


Whether you’re eating actual candy or enjoying the Candy Dream online slot game and other fun at Casino La Vida, I always know that my candy craving will be met!