Online Slots at Casino La Vida

We offer hundreds of the very best online slot games. Each and every slot game has been created by Microgaming one of the leaders in casino gaming technology. Slot machines are a popular choice here at La Vida they are easy to play, entertaining and offer some of the biggest jackpots within the casino. If you are new to slots then you should familiarise yourself with the different styles of slot games so that you can enjoy the game that best suits your needs.

Different online slot styles

Slot games have developed into so much more than the original one armed bandit slot machines you see on old television shows. Slots now have multiple paylines, fun inviting themes and seriously big jackpots. The original slot is fondly referred to as a classic slot game while video slots are the next level in slot gaming. Progressive slots offer a progressive jackpot (a jackpot that grows until won). The more commonly played slots are video and progressive but if you like a little tradition then maybe the classic pub fruity slots are your thing.

Classic slots

A classic slot works off the basic slot structure of three reels and a single payline. This is one of the easiest payline structures to understand but also makes winning that little more difficult. Classic slot games usually have the standard symbols such as fruit, sevens and bars. Most classic slots do not have special features and bonus symbols.

Video slots

Video slots are the more elaborate and big brothers of classic slot machines. A video slot generally has five reels and the paylines can vary from 15 paylines to a whopping 245 ways to win structure. Obviously the more ways to win the easier it is to win. But this is not the only feature gamblers like about video slots. Video slots often have interactive bonus features, gamble options and sometimes free spins. The reels are filled with fun characters, shapes and objects as well as important bonus symbols like wilds and scatters.

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are the big flashy slot machines of the slot world. We offer a selection of Microgaming progressive slots with some massive jackpots on offer. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that starts at a certain amount and continues to grow with each spin until won. Many of the progressive games we have on offer have jackpots that start growing at a base amount of 1 million. This means that if you win this jackpot you are an instant millionaire.

Play for real money

All of the slot games and casino games on offer at Casino La Vida can be enjoyed in either free play mode or real money mode. We are a licensed and accredited online casino. Playing online slots for real money at La Vida is 100% legal and safe. If you choose to play for real money than make sure you gamble responsibly.

How fair are slot games?

We can guarantee that our slot games are 100% fair. But for you to understand how we can say this you need to understand how online slots work. All of the games we offer use RNG (Random Number Generators) software to create combinations. In simple terms RNG software predicts when the reels will stop by generating a random number that will initiate the stop. This is one of the fairest methods for online slots.

Mobile slot games

Enjoy your favourite slot games on the go whenever you want with our mobile slot games. The Casino La Vida mobile casino has a selection of popular Microgaming mobile slots on offer. Win wherever you are with the La Vida casino in your pocket.
We have a selection of online table games on offer at Casino La Vida for when you need a break from the flashing lights and noise of online slots.